Sri Raghavendra Hospital, well known for Siddha Medicine was started exclusively for Spine and Joint diseases in August 1996 and certified by ISO 9001:2008. This hospital was founded by Dr.S.Ramaswamy Pillai, qualified in Siddha Medicine, hails from the family of Kerala Traditional Siddha Physicians. This hospital provides evidence based treatments exclusively for Spine and Joint diseases in lieu of Surgery and Painkillers.The Department of AYUSH, Govt.of India has enlisted this Hospital to Depute Professionals to promote and propagate Indian system of medicines abroad. In addition to this, this hospital figures in the status report of Indian Medicine (Clinical practice in Siddha) by the Department of AYUSH. This is the First Siddha Hospital registered by the Public Health Department, Corporation of Chennai, Govt. of Tamil Nadu.

In collaboration with this hospital a Medical Manuscript Research Centre is functioning for doing elaborate Research and Development of Siddha Literature especially Medical Palm Leaf Manuscripts.

This Centre has in its custody around 500 bundles of Medical palm leaf manuscripts, 100’s of Paper Medical Manuscripts and 1000’s of rare collections of Siddha Medical books, which are truly the invaluable assets of our ancestors.

A Medicine Manufacturing unit is functioning inside the hospital premises for preparing qualitative Classical Siddha medicines based on the formulae inscribed in the medical palm leaf manuscripts.


  • First time in India, A Siddha Hospital dedicated to Spine and Joint diseases without Surgery and Painkillers

  • Highly Qualified and Well Experienced Doctors

  • Government certified and Well Experienced Therapists

  • Professional Para Medical Employees in various fields

  • An ISO Certified Hospital registered under Tamil Nadu Government.

  • A Separate treatment Centre exclusively for Ladies

  • Inpatient Facilities and Inbuilt Pharmacy

  • A Digitalized Medical Palm Leaf Manuscript Research Centre for R & D

  • Inbuilt Medicine Manufacturing Unit for preparation of Classical Siddha Medicine

  • More than 22 years of Excellence in the field of Indian System of Medicines