As a disease does not affect the same impact on everybody even so a medicine does not render the same relief to all. After diagnosing every individual’s health in all aspects, most of the medicines are prepared in our hospital campus and given to them, which is a specialty of this hospital.

We are well aware that modern scientific research and evidence-based treatments are absolutely necessary to implement our siddha medicines for curing present ailments. Our teams of Siddha Experts, Varma Specialists, Manuscript Research Scholars and Tamil Pandits under the leadership of Dr.S.Ramaswamy Pillai, Chief Physician have done extensive research of analyzing the facts furnished in the age old palm leaf manuscripts through modern science and technology. By this measure, we are able to prepare highly potential and effective medicines which are 100% natural, safe and without any side effects and adverse effects for promoting Global Health.

All the medicines that are prepared in this hospital are from the formulae inscribed in the Medical palm leaf manuscripts and also from the guidance of well-experienced traditional physicians. Our Siddha medicine ingredients are highly qualitative and rich in potential. Nearly 120 classical siddha medicines are prepared exclusively for our patients use under the direct supervision of our Chief Physician without any change in their inherent quality. The Medicines are proven effective, time tested and safe without side effects.


  • Kaya Thirumeni Thailam

  • Vadha Sarvanga Thailam

  • Kaya Sarvanga Thailam

  • Vadha Ratchasan Chooranam

  • Vadha Sanjeevi Kudineer

  • Nilavembu Kudineer

  • Pitha Sanjeeve Kudineer

  • Kabha Sanjeevi Kudineer

  • Karappan Kudineer

  • Karappan Thailam

  • Pitha Sanjeevi Lehiyam

  • Kabha Sanjeeve Lehiyam

  • Hirudhaya Sanjeevi Chooranam

  • Karpa Sanjeevi Choornam

  • Nellikai Lehiyam

  • Thathu Viruthi Lehiyam

  • Pancha Muli Karpam

  • Karisalai Karpam Tablet

  • Madhumega Chooranam

  • Mega sarvanga Kudineer

  • Soolai Kudineer

  • Manomithra Lehiyam

  • Raktha Suthi Mathirai

  • Koondhal Thailam

  • Kuliyal Chooranam

  • Chandhanadhi Thailam


We have been preparing around 120 classical siddha medicines since 25 years. Check below for more details!


Special Medicines for Spine and Joint Diseases
Kaya Thirumeni Tailam
It is useful for all joints pain
Kaya Sarvanga Tailam
It is useful for wound healing
Vadha Sanjeevi Kudineer
It helps to reduce Osteo Arthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis


Siddha Medicines for Chronic Diseases
Karappan Tailam
It helps to reduce Skin Diseases
Vayu Choornam
It helps to reduce Gastratis and improves digestion
Thaleesapathri Choornam
It is useful for Cold, Cough and breathing problems
Nilavembu Kudineer
It is useful to cure Common fever and Virus fever and improves immunity of our body


Kayakalpa Medicines to prevent the occurrence of the diseases well in advance
Irudhaya Sanjeevi Choornam
It is useful to reduce excess cholesterol and strengthen the heart
Karpa Sanjeevi Choornam
It helps to cure female disorders like Irregular Periods, Leucarriah, etc
Nellikkai Lehiyam
To prevent diseases and to improve the immunity of our body
Karisalai Karpam Tablet
It Prevents Hair loss and premature ageing appearance
Special Medicines for Modern Life Style Disorders
Mega Sarvanga Tailam
It helps to reduce foot pain and burning sensation in legs
Madhumega Choornam
It is useful to reduce the Diabetic level in our blood and improves insulin secretion in natural way
Madhumega Kudineer
It helps to control the diabetic and reduce the usage of allopathy medicines. It is useful for all types of diabetic patients
Hair Oil
It reduces Hair fall and improves Hair growth naturally
Kuliyal Choornam
It is useful to maintain the healthy skin