Siddha Pulse Diagnosis

Traditional Siddha Pulse Diagnosis is an ancient but minute and accurate method of diagnosing disease, which is practiced till date in this present modern scientific world. It not only indicates the symptoms of the ailment, but also deducts the root cause for its occurrence, which is a speciality. The basic fundamental in siddha medicine lies in the imbalanced proportions of Vadha, Pitha and Kabha for occurrence of various ailments. Every individual’s health status, mental stability along with the root cause of the ailment can be deducted through pulse diagnosis. Also this pulse diagnosis gives us enough intuition to keep our body hale and healthy. This traditional pulse diagnosis is compared with modern scientific pathological tests. This dual method of detecting diseases minutely is a speciality of this hospital.

Kerala Panchakarma

Kerala Panchakarma therapy is a rare gift presented to us by ayurveda for longevity and perfect health. The main aim of the treatment is not only to cure the diseases but also prevents them well in advance and ensures sound health. This kerala traditional treatment does not depend on intake of medicines. Only through external therapy, best results have been achieved, which has gained worldwide recognition. The external treatments namely Abhiyangam, Uzhichal, Pizhichil, Sirodhara, Sirovasthi, Navarai Kizhi, Elakizhi, Kadivasti, Lepanam, Kashaya Dhara, Kashaya Vasthi, Thalam, Udwarthanam, etc., are provided by qualified and experienced therapists. These treatments strengthens the body and also eliminates excess accumulation of toxic substances and streamlines the blood circulation. Further this precautious treatment postpones the premature appearance and rejuvenates the body.


The Speciality of the Siddha Medicine is that it has 32 different types of internal medicines and 32 different types of external therapies which are not found in any other system of medicine. The Internal medicines are Kashayams, tablets, lehiyam and choornam, which are administered orally. External treatments are Herbal oil bath, Oil massage, Herbal fomentation, Varma, Thokkanam, Kadivasti, Herbal Pack, Herbal Steam, etc., are all externally performed by Qualified and experienced Therapists. These treatments are offered to reduce pain and swelling in all joints. It increases lubrication and also avoids degeneration of spinal cord. It streamlines the blood circulation and strengthens neuro muscular joints. Varma Therapy is offered to release the blockage of the vital energy by stimulating certain varma points in the body. It also realigns the spinal cord and decompresses the nerve roots through special varma techniques. Further it regulates the secretion of the endocrinal glands.

Classical Siddha Medicines

Most of the medicines are prepared and given after examining the patients in all aspects through pulse diagnosis is a speciality of this hospital. The medicines prepared are from the formulae found inscribed in the Medical palm leaf manuscripts and also from the guidance of well-experienced traditional physicians under the supervision of our Chief Physician without any change in their inherent quality. The Siddha medicine ingredients are highly qualitative and rich in potential and yields best results. They are 100% proven safe from all side effects and adverse effects. Also it eradicates the root causes of the ailment and increases the immune system and also helps to avoid reoccurrence of the ailments.

Siddhar’s Life Style Modification

Our Indian Yogis, Siddhars and Saints by their own acquisition of knowledge and intuition through penance lived for many centuries. They have presented to us scientifically based life style theories. Appropriate diet to set right the imbalanced proportions of Vatha, Pitha and Kabha and proper exercises according to their health status are given. Siddhar’s spiritual guidance to attain mental peace from Stress and Depression is also offered. By this methodology, all diseases that occur due to modern life style living are prevented. Further it helps to Reform your mind, Rejuvenate your body and Revitalize your spirit.